Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Sacred Waterfall

I can't believe it is still Sunday! Today was so full. This place has wild coincidences going on all the time. You know the type - you run into exactly the person you need to see at the right time and have the conversation you needed to have - that kind of thing. So, of course, I am totally high on all that.

The waterfall: I LOVED IT!

First off, we had to pack a towel and a bottle of water. I assumed I would be freezing and shivering afterwards, so I added yoga pants and a warm jacket. Cameras aren't permitted.

Our group of 17, plus group leader, took a taxi as far down the trail as it could drive, then walked in silence the rest of the way. The forest (if that's what this is) is beautiful, even in the dry season. 

When we reached the waterfall, we formed a line to go in. We were instructed to remember our intentions for clearing, stay in the water for at least 30 seconds, make sure that we got totally wet, etc. Being fifth in line, I thought it would be good to watch everyone else to make sure that I didn't forget any of the steps. Not that you could see someone remembering their intentions....

I watched the first man go into the water and it suddenly felt like I was watching something intensely personal, so I tried not to watch the others. Still, watching him gave me this strong feeling that I could do this, that it would be okay, regardless of the water temperature or anything else.

I tried to focus on the beauty of the place, and sear the image of the waterfall into my mind without watching my friends.

While we were each under the waterfall, our group leader was clearing alot of energy out of there with her hands, too.

When it was my turn, I decided to go barefoot - they have a wooden railing to hold so you don't slip on the rocks. 

Right before I went under, I thought about Bugs Bunny and how I always wanted to do this, and that made me so happy. Then I thought about what I wanted to clear from my being. Focus. Focus.

The water wasn't as icy cold as I expected. It was cold, for sure, but bearable, and there was more water pressure than I get in my shower! I went under once and got fully wet. I stepped back, and decided to do it one more time, so stepped into the flowing water one more time, as if it were my first, remembering one big specific thing I wanted to clear, feeling the water on my skin and pulsating through my muscles and my being, then slowly stepped out. 

It was all totally amazing.

As we walked away, she instructed us to make sure we filled up with gold light and say a prayer of thanks. After that, I thought, I am SO coming back here! Turns out, we are allowed to go two more times this week, so I'm thrilled about that. Plus my skin and hair felt great from the waterfall, too. And I never needed those warm clothes.

We all hung out the rest of the afternoon. I went to the Casa to read and meditate (and nap). The waterfall definitely had an effect on me - kind of quieting, and expansive. I kept smelling this soft scent of flowers, which was really lovely.  

We all had dinner together and talked about books and interesting life happenings and metaphysical stuff. Some of us watched a little film (on John of God) that someone brought. And suddenly, it was 10 p.m.!

Sending lots of love to you from here in Brazil,

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Anonymous said...

No cameras allowed, of course. Thanks for sharing this awesome experience, Marie.