Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day off

Today was our day off, meaning we didn't have anything formally scheduled for our group. So, we got juice, meandered up and down the road in our little town, and went to the Casa to meditate and pray. We compared orb photos and one of the guys got a couple of photos of this green orb. It was in front of some blades of grass and tree trunks, and through the orb, the colors of the grass and everything behind it were intensified. It was a funky shape, with a light shade of green in the center, a deeper green around the edges, and the outside rim was a darker green (almost brownish). Very cool.

It inspired all of us to go orb-hunting again today. We must have looked like crazy tourists, taking photos of "nothing" but we did that for over an hour!

Also, John of God was out and about today. Some folks ran into him in the crystal shop. Others saw him on the street, chatting with people before getting into his little SUV. I didn't see him myself, but it feels like a rock star was in our midst. Or at least, it feels a bit out of context.

Tomorrow, we go to the waterfall. I'm pretty excited about this part! When I was little, there was a Bugs Bunny cartoon where Bugs would take a shower in a waterfall. Every since then,  I have wanted to do this! So I'm thrilled.

In preparation, we need to consider the things we carry that keep us from being close to God and / or from being happy. I'm feeling pretty good, so it is hard to come up with that list, but I don't want to miss an opportunity to shed some unnecessary baggage so will give it some thought. 

As it is always easier to see the areas where others can improve than it is to see our own, please feel free to send along anything that comes to mind, that you notice that I do or carry that no longer serves me or gets in the way! But do it before 10:15 on Sunday. :-)

Have a really wonderful weekend! It is hard to believe that I am here for another week.


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