Friday, August 3, 2012

In the Current

Today was the day to sit in the Current Room. All day. I have never meditated so many hours in a row. Well, I didn't actually meditate all that time - my thoughts would come in and then wander, or I would nod off. But I haven't sat still for that long since I was a little girl in Catholic school, and probably not even then.

We got in line around 7:00 a.m. for the first current session, which started at 7:30.  Again, we sat together, four to a pew. Everyone who was either going to see John of God or headed to spiritual surgery would pass, in a line, through the room where we were sitting. We were instructed to keep our eyes closed, cross no body parts (no crossed legs, arms or hands), let light in and then send it out for everyone who would be passing through. Okay, got it.

They also explained that our sitting there, focusing and sending out positive energy, helps John of God stay in entity. They explained that when the spirit / entity enters his body, it takes alot of energy to hold the entity there, and that this works helps to keep him going so that he can see everyone in the line. I kind of liked that explanation; it made me feel like I was doing something to help.

We started with two prayers in Portuguese (Our Father and Hail Mary) and then settled in for an undetermined amount of time. There were enough fans blowing air so that it was actually a bit chilly. Spiritual music played over the speakers - not intrusively - and I was close enough to the main room that I could hear the other guides announcing John of God. I could hear them doing the introduction to the physical surgeries, followed by the instructions for people to line up. It helped me gauge our progress; there would be about four lines passing through, so everytime they called a line, it was like a tick on the clock for me. 

As we sat there, about every 45 minutes or hour, one of the leaders would say something encouraging or say a prayer to help keep us on track.

We sat for almost four hours; a long time, but surprisingly not unbearable. At the end, it was so quiet that I was a bit concerned that everyone else had left and I was still sitting there with my eyes closed!

When we were done, I was calm and ready to get up, and it actually felt pretty nice. Afterwards, they gave us each a glass of water and a bowl of yummy vegetable soup, and we returned to the pousada for lunch. 

After lunch, it was back to the Casa for round two. The group leader told us to expect a longer session in the afternoon, and emphasized 3-4 times that if we don't think we can sit for a longer session, to please leave now and give our seat to someone else waiting. I was tempted but decided to stay in the game. 

Turned out to be the same gig and same length as the morning session. It was harder for me to focus in the afternoon, but the time flew by. As tiny as this town is, it is noisy at night so I'm not getting alot of sleep. Since my eyes had to stay shut in Current anyway, it turned out to be a good chance to catch up on some shut-eye. I did try to stay awake, but later learned that most others in my group nodded off as well.

So it was a long but good day. It was nice to be able to send energy out and feel like we are supporting others here. And at the end, each time, we did about 30 minutes of healing meditation for ourselves.

We are on our own tomorrow. I'm hoping to get some sleep tonight.

I hope you had a wonderful week. 

Much love,


Unknown said...

Awesome! And what a great way to sneak in a nap. Peace be with you, Marie.

Unknown said...

Awesome experience today, Marie! Thank you for sharing. Peace be with you. Jeff