About me

I started out sending e-mails to a small group of family and friends, to keep them updated with how I was doing as I went through surgery and chemotherapy for colorectal cancer starting in 2007.

After suggestions from friends, I collected them in this blog, and continue to copy them here.
I tried to organize them so that you could read just the headings to get an idea of the story line.

Almost immediately, I found that I really appreciated and relied on the support of friends and family through these e-mail notes. Their prayers and love carried me further and higher than I could carry myself.

I started receiving tangible evidence in my life of the power of prayer as a group, and feel like I have literally witnessed miracles as a result of all the people praying for me and my family.

My e-mails became indispensible tools to me -- writing helped to sort out my thoughts and emotions, and the loving responses gave me energy to live life every day.

If this is helpful to either you or someone you love, and you would prefer e-mail updates to checking the blog, do let me know and I can add you to the list. I send them about once every two weeks.

In any case, I hope you get something out of reading this. By being part of this community, you are already giving so much.

My prayers and hope for a long and healthy life for all of us!


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Matt at Edelman said...

Hello Marie,

My name is Matt and I work with the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable (NCCRT) to promote the Blue Star symbol to represent the fight against colorectal cancer. I wanted to thank you for your sharing your brave journey and wish you the best in your fight against this disease.

To enhance colorectal cancer awareness, we are working to spread the Blue Star Symbol amongst supporters and the general public. The NCCRT has also worked to create a stand-alone Web site for the Blue Star, www.bluestarforcoloncancer.org, with information on how the Blue Star has already been adopted by nearly all of the major groups in the colorectal cancer community, symbolizing their united effort in the battle to prevent colorectal cancer deaths. You can also show your support by joining our Facebook group.

From distributing blue star pins to posting about colon cancer online and joining our group on Facebook, there are plenty of ways for you to help spread the Blue Star’s message of hope and we thank you for your continued support. If you ever need information about colon cancer for a post, please feel free to contact me and I can connect you to one of our members or experts.

Best wishes,
Matt Mahon on behalf of the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable