Thursday, August 9, 2012

Resurfacing after Spiritual Surgery

The 24-hour period in my room after this surgery was a bit different than the last, maybe because I knew what to expect. But I actually relaxed into it a bit more. We were joking that it is like spiritual ICU, or maybe like lockdown. When we get together afterwards, we compare our experiences and find that each of us has a different experience. We were told that we are to lay in bed. We are allowed to sit and eat, and we are allowed up to go to the bathroom. 

I tried to follow that, and it was really good for sleeping, meditating, and praying. Afterwards, we compared notes on our experiences. Some of us had some deep and amazing insights that I felt privileged to hear. Others, well, I howled with laughter when I heard that one person went for a walk outside (and got caught by our guide!) and another decided to wash her patio furniture because it had a layer of dirt on it. I still laugh thinking of that!

Spent the rest of the day chatting at the Casa, than having dinner together and hanging out at Frutti's. 

Tomorrow is my last day here. There are two Current sessions - one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. In Current, you close your eyes and meditate and send energy to John of God to help him hold the entity in his body, and send energy to those who will be having spiritual surgery. Each session is of unpredictable length but typically run for four hours or so each. It is where the deepest work is done, so I am trying not to focus on the four-hour chunk but instead take it a moment at a time.

Sending love to you.

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