Thursday, August 2, 2012

Spiritual Surgery and ICU

I am out of solitary confinement. Actually, it wasn't totally solitary, as my new girlfriend, Gloria, kept popping in to check on me.

But I'm jumping ahead. Along with about 7 others from my 17-member group, I returned to the Casa after lunch to receive spiritual surgery. We were led to a room that had benches, kind of like the pews in church, but with cushions on the seats and no kneelers. I sat next to Norma, from my group, on the end of the aisle about one row back from the front. You basically file in and don't really get to pick your seat. Everyone just sits shoulder to shoulder until either a row fills or until someone who looks like they are in charge points somewhere else for you to sit.

I'll describe my experience of it, though afterwards I learned we each had a different experience. We were instructed to put our right hands over our hearts, close our eyes, and pray for healing or for whatever it is we want, and pray to be open to it. There is music playing in the background - loud enough to hear but not intrusive at all. One of the group leaders prayed in English, and when she finished, someone else prayed in Portuguese. I noticed that the music in the background was a song I love from Deva Premal, and figured I would settle in for what would essentially amount to a meditation session. I listened to the second song that played (don't know what it was) and then, suddenly, we were told surgery was over and to open our eyes.

It felt like only minutes, but it was actually about an hour later. It reminded me of being under anesthesia, when I think, "I don't feel anything" and then suddenly, some nurse is asking me to open my eyes. Actually, they refer to it as spiritual anesthesia.

At this point, we picked up our post-surgery herbs and were to return to our rooms for 24 hours. We could go to the bathroom, and sit up to eat the meals, which were delivered to our rooms. Other than that, we were to stay in bed.

It was REALLY hard to do absolutely nothing for 24 hours straight. Gloria would sneak in to make sure I was okay, and to bring me green juice, but that was for only a moment at a time. 

I am not usually prone to headaches, but I had the strongest headache I can remember. The only one worse was after an epidural.

After about, oh, 12-15 hours, I got up to turn on the light and got back in bed. Then I noticed the ceiling fan, so I got up to turn that on, playing with the speed and direction of the blades. Then I got back in bed. Then I decided to go to the bathroom. Back to bed. Then, I thought, it would be nice to have some fresh air. 

When I started to get up to open the sliding doors (I'm on the first floor and have a little patio), I got a SEARING pain in my right side, like a knife stick. I couldn't move past it. So I figured, okay, I won't be opening those doors! I guess they really meant it when they said to rest.

All in all, not too bad. If this was spiritual ICU, the food was really good and I got to drink as much water as I wanted and have fresh air (I eventually was able to open the doors). I liked all that. Plus, no IV sticking to me. 

It gives you lots of time to meditate and listen to God and get some sleep.

I wanted to take notes on all the thoughts and things that were happening, but I wasn't supposed to write. I don't remember them all. Some felt truly hallucinogenic, some felt deep and insightful, and some were simply annoying. I imagine it is like doing mushrooms.

I got together with everyone tonight for dinner, where we compared stories. 

Tomorrow, we return to the Casa and I will sit in the Current Room. The Current Room is where you sit for hours so the entities can do more work. It is called Current because it is like an electrical current, with energy running through everyone. No one is to open their eyes or cross their legs or arms, as it interferes with the flow of energy. Gloria has done this already. She usually has back problems and can't sit for long, but the night before she went to the Current Room, she felt work being done on her back. Her current session was 3.5 hours and she was able to do the whole thing.

I love the energy here, though my body misses rowing. Alot.

Enjoy the full moon tonight! The constellations here look foreign to me, but I love that the moon is the same everywhere.


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