Monday, November 5, 2007

Setting up my healing team

Things are okay. I'm mostly trying to be patient with my body as it heals from surgery, and putting together a list of survivors to talk with whose profile is similar to mine.

Fortunately, I go less and less to the "dark places," though my mind does go there when I wake in the middle of the night.

I have an appointment at the BI with oncologists, and a second opinion set up at Dana Farber, so I am covered on that side. Then I need to get alternative approaches in order (acupuncture, nutrition, etc.). Actually, I made those appointments, but they are tentative based on the chemo schedule. I also want to do chinese herbs, healing yoga, yada yada yada.

For good or bad, this has put me in touch with old friends who have walked this path. I still get tired in the afternoons so I'm trying to prioritize and get things done in the mornings. I'm also trying to stay in the moment.

That's about it from here! Hope you all are well.

Once the chemo sessions start (I don't know when that will be, Dec or Jan), I will most likely need more help than I do now. So, if you are interested and able, stay tuned!

My husband jokes that maybe he will get some of Tania's enchiladas out of this! ha ha

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