Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ruled out one place for chemo; two options remaining

Thanks for the note -- I'd love to hear more about the place at MGH. I learned a little about it when I was there last but am interested in learning more. Having complementary therapies means alot to me.

I met with the oncologist at Beth Israel today. I assume that he is good but we had such different communication styles. It was a frustrating communication but good to know that I can rule him out. So now it is down to Dana Farber and Mass General. Also, DF and MGH offer on-site complementary therapies.

The other nice thing that happened today was this. The first BI oncologist I met over the phone was extremely nice, supportive and positive. I adored him. But, for a number of reasons, I was "assigned" to this other guy. Onc#1 did alot of work on my case and was wonderful to me when I was most scared, so I wrote a note to him. While I was there today to see onc #2, onc #1 stopped by the room to say and he gave me a big hug. Loved that support. Onc #2, however, is not the supportive type.

Then I went to see a radiation oncologist. I thought I was afraid of chemo. Okay, I can't resist the colon pun, but now, radiation scares the shit out of me. I had no idea how big a deal it is to get radiation treatments and what it does to your body.

Next week, I have one more meeting with Dana Farber and with MGH, and I'll need to decide by then because I'm closing in on the date I am supposed to begin chemo.

Okay, not that you asked for the update, it just came out!

Love, Me

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