Sunday, November 18, 2007

Landed in hospital for infection, but back home again!

Hi everyone --

I'm back home from the hospital. Wow -- between the two hospital stays and just being out of it and mostly in bed between those, I am SO behind on everything and we move next week! Yikes.

But, I'm feeling really well and this stay was not nearly as unpleasant as the last.

Short version: Went to ER on Thursday due to extremely high fevers. They did a million tests but could find no cause for the fever and low blood pressure. They wanted to admit me; I opted to go home. Next day, felt great! But, they called to say, come back in and be treated for infection in my blood. I returned to the ER, then was admitted to BI for two days of IV antibiotics. I'm on oral antibiotics now to clear this up.

My personal opinion is that my body did a great job of cleaning it up on its own, but, in order to prove that, I would have had to stay another two days to make sure there was no infection remaining in my blood.

MGH oncologist appt on Monday.

I want to write more -- some hilarious stories from the hospital! -- but am tired so going to bed. Thanks for all the good vibes!

Love, Marie

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