Monday, December 17, 2007

Port is in; chemo to start

Thanks for all your nice messages! I'm sorry that I haven't replied much. I have been acting like this is my last good weekend, which, I'm told, is crazy, but whatever. I scheduled myself for every minute. And then, my gazillion plans for the weekend got snowed out anyway!

I had the port placed on Friday. For those of you lucky enough to not know much about all this, it is basically an IV line that is implanted in your chest so that they don't need to do an IV every time. For someone like me who doesn't do well with IVs, it is pretty fortunate that they do this.

Chemo starts on Tuesday, with a full day of activities -- a blood draw, doctor appointment, and then the actual chemo session (3+ hours). In addition, there is "chemo training" (no clue what that is) and a visit from the doctor who helps people who are parenting through chemo.

After my chemo session, I will wear a continuous infusion pump for almost two days, so I'll learn how to remove that as well. MY HUSBAND will learn how to remove that, because I'm not quite psyched about doing that myself. His Harvard medical degree gives me some degree of confidence that he can handle it better than my non-medical experience.

So, for the big day ahead, send some good healing vibes and some calming ones as well!

I promise I'll set up that blog soon and not bug you via e-mail, but I really really appreciate your being there.

Love, Marie

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