Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day 1 of Chemo in the Bag!

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that the positive vibes really worked. Weirdly, I had a pretty great day. THANK YOU for helping that to happen!

It was definitely a LOOOOONG day, but everyone was so nice. I had visions of rolling out of the hospital on a wheelchair, barely conscious, so I was thrilled to walk out myself, and I felt pretty good overall.

I already have one of the expected side effects -- it really hurts to touch anything cold! Even lifting a room temperature glass of water, I can feel the coldness in it. Hmmm. Perhaps winter was not the best season to be doing this! But, it is a known effect, so I'm kind of reassured that maybe this stuff really does do something. And if you see someone walking down the street bundled from head to toe...that would be me!

I have my continuous infusion pump on, so I am wearing a little machine and a bag like you get when you get an IV. Our one-year-old is intrigued by the buttons, and our four-year-old is obsessed with keeping it safe and attached. I'm told that I can do yoga with it on, even a headstand. That intrigues me, especially because I can't really do a headstand on a good day. Maybe this will give me magic powers.

Have a wonderful rest of the week. Thank you SO MUCH for your support today. It could have been a completely awful day, but it was instead full of angels.

Love, Marie

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