Wednesday, December 26, 2007

One week checkup: Good

I hope you all had a merry Christmas day, whether or not you celebrate Christmas. It was a good one here!

One of many Christmas miracles: We originally planned to visit my parents in Pittsburgh, which we do every year. I had some gifts sent there, and the kids get enough from family that we don't really plan for Santa to come to our house. My chemo schedule threw a wrench in those plans and, while I was happy to be home to celebrate (as opposed to in the hospital), I had no gifts for the kids.

I decided to get each child one good gift each. I called FAO Schwartz in plenty of time to get the two gifts by Christmas. But, they never arrived. Not only that, they couldn't track them down.

A few days later, a lovely woman in Illinois called me. (Hmmm....I just clicked spell-check on Illinois and got "Illinois" or "illness." Does that mean something?) She just returned from vacation and found these two packages on her doorstep.

It was December 23rd. I didn't know how I could get those by Christmas. I couldn't get out to shop, and these were the only gifts for the kids.

I called FAO Schwartz, and the wonderful woman on the other end offered to overnight the gifts for free if I would promise to send the others back. DONE!

Angels are everywhere.

I sobbed with a mixture of relief, and disbelief that we were all in this situation.

Meanwhile, back at the front...

I had a check-up today, where they see how I tolerated my first chemo session and then make any adjustments.

After my Tuesday chemo session, I wore the pump for two days. It was weird but do-able. On Thursday, I drove with the kids to Framingham, where my husband was working, so that he could remove the pump, then I drove (with the boys and a babysitter) to New Hampshire in a snowstorm / blizzard (should have checked the weather -- oops) to take a ride on the Polar Express train and see Santa. We all had a great time. The best part proving to myself that my life doesn't need to be completely on hold.

Then, Saturday was a bad day, so I gave the doctors my list of complaints.

They listened kindly, and then said, "Looks like you did pretty well. We won't need to make any changes. Maybe just reduce your nausea meds a bit."

At this point, I'm simultaneously wondering, "That was considered GOOD?" and celebrating that I maybe can actually do this thing. So, hang on for the ride!

I'm up for session #2 on Jan 2, ready to ring in the new year with some joy juice. (No, that isn't champagne, Jen!)

Have a wonderful, fun New Year's celebration and 2008!

Love, Marie

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