Monday, December 17, 2007

Chemo begins tomorrow

Hi everyone,

I want to thank you for being part of the healing circle on Friday,
whether you were there in person or in spirit. I can't begin to
describe how powerful or how meaningful it was and is to me. I can
still feel the vibes, and I am packing my "chemo bag" tomorrow, and
you will all be with me there.

Thank you so much for all of that.

If you are so inspired tomorrow -- I will be at MGH from 10:30 until
who knows when, but probably until at least 5:00. Chemo is supposed
to start at 1:00, and run for 3+ hours. Anytime in there, if you
think of me, send a few positive, healing vibes toward me!!!

I feel so blessed to have you in my life.

Love, Marie

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