Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This is wild BUT....the group leader told us that, if we took flash photos of the sky above the Casa at night, we might see orbs.

So I went there with a few others from my group. We took some photos on the street outside the Casa....one or two things you might call orbs showed up (in my camera - they were getting nothing), but not enough to be convincing.  

Then we went into the Casa (grounds with a few buildings, so you are mostly out in the night sky) and WOW! Orbs everywhere! I tried taking a photo of the same piece of sky twice in a row - two completely different patterns of orbs. It was wild. Totally awe-inspiring.

After taking lots of these photos, I went under a rooftop to meditate and doubt set in. Maybe it was just my flash reflecting off whatever dust was in the air? Because of course, I have an experience and then I doubt....

So again, I step out from under the roof, still in the Casa, and take more photos...nothing. Another photo....nothing. So if it is dust, why are there NONE? I am guessing that they aren't appearing when I'm not believing. 

I'm so in awe.

The people here are really nice. Josie, our group leader, describes it as being surrounded by love. I don't feel that way, but I do feel an absence of stress in everyone, and alot of kindness. And I personally love that enough to surround this whole area with love.

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