Thursday, March 22, 2012

CT scan coming up

Thank you so much for your prayers and positive thoughts for the last round of chemo. Though I still vomited (again, before chemo) and spent the next two days in bed, it felt much more manageable and I was able to rebound on Friday. This is enormously different than it used to be, where I wouldn't show signs of life until the following Monday. Thank you. You make a difference in my life and in the lives of Tiron and the boys.

This week is filled with medical tests for our family, including strep, eye, cardiac and CT. While I'm not naming names, you can guess who is headed for the CT scan. Each of these tests has a best case and a worst case outcome, providing a generous base for both hope and worry.  Our marital approach is to feel the stress but not discuss it. Maybe not the best approach, but otherwise, we would likely talk about nothing else.

I felt quite good physically, the weather was fabulous, and I could use an outlet for the stress, so I took our dog, Kenobi, for a walk around Fresh Pond. This is a 2.24 mile loop around the local reservoir, where Kenobi can run without a leash and I can sometimes run into friends. That day, I ran into Rick, who was literally running. It has been years since I myself ran, but I wanted to visit for a bit and didn't want to hold him back. So, I ran alongside him, while he kindly slowed down for me. Though I didn't run far, it still felt fabulous to be able to run at all.

Rick ran ahead, and I returned to walking around the rest of the loop. Near the end, Amy ran up behind me. With my new-found running confidence, I ran alongside Amy so we could visit. I was enjoying our chat while slowly starting to worry about the upcoming hill. Should I do it? Could I do it? Did I want to?

Just before we reached the hill, Amy needed to veer off into a building, and I walked on. 

The tests for strep, eyes and cardiac all returned good results. Woo hoo! We were surprised each time, and are feeling pretty grateful. My CT scan is scheduled for Friday morning and I get the results on Tuesday. When I start to feel any worry creeping up, I think of Amy and smile inside. 

Still would appreciate any prayers and positive thoughts for a good outcome though. :-)

With much gratitude for your continued presence in my life,


alternative treatments for cancer said...

How was it? I am praying for a successful and clear results with no additional damage at all. I am so inspired in sharing your story to other patient as well. I hope you can update us and share more of your updates. Thanks a lot!

Marie said...

Thanks so much for being interested! Thank you also for your prayers. I am just posting about it so won't repeat it all here. But wanted to say thanks so much. And I pray for the other patient you are referring to, as well.