Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CT scan shows tumors shrinking and other answers to prayer

Thank you for your prayers today, and all the power of the FB prayers as well (and thank you for keeping me anonymous!). They definitely did something because...
1. for the first time in recent memory, I did not vomit during chemo and
2. though I was wheeled out of the hospital, I am currently, actually able to be sitting up on our sofa. 

And, your prayers directed toward a good CT scan made an impact - both my tumors are smaller, with no new ones showing, either! I was bracing myself for any news and very happy to hear that. Thank you for all the energy you sent that helps to shrink these. I do believe that our energies can work together to make something happen, both intended and unintended.

Other news: On January 30 at 5:30, I will participate in a panel discussion following a short film called Outside In. The film is about a woman who was diagnosed with advanced cancer and not given long to live. It is now 10 years later - she will be there, too. Her journey is quite interesting!

The event will start at 5:30 at WBUR on Monday, January 30. It’s free, but seats are limited. Please RSVP to events@wbur.org.

It would be wonderful to see you if you can make it.

Now, for another miracle story. I can't remember if I shared this with you went it happened. It felt so surreal that I wasn't sure how to to talk about it.

Today, between appointments at Dana Farber, I wanted to download some songs onto my iPhone. I couldn't get anything to download, so I asked my techie husband to help me either do that or help me to find the songs that were already on there. 

"There are no songs on there," he said, looking through my phone. "Not even one."

I typically use my phone for calling, texting, doing email and taking fuzzy photos.  But I knew I listened to music on it once before, and I decided that that music had to be on here.

So - I reminded my husband of a particularly challenging week in the summer. I was lined up to have this big surgery, kept getting hospitalized, and had unexplained bleeding.  I prayed to God to thank Him for His presence but I could use a little reminder that He is there. And I went to get an ultrasound, followed immediately by a visit to a gynecologist. The sign in their office said no cell phones, so I turned my off.

Leaving the doctor's office, i took my cellphone out of my purse, turned it on and put the earpiece in my ear. I heard voices in the earpiece, and assumed it was just interference. I fished in my purse for my keys, zipped up my handbag, and then repositioned the earpiece for my walk to the car. I intended to make a couple of phone calls.

But the chatter was still there, and when I stopped to listen, more closely, I heard James Taylor's You've Got a Friend. Well, that was interesting. I looked at my phone - nothing was playing or accidentally hit. I looked at the music list - nothing there. Well, the song was making me feel good so I stood there and listened through to the end. That was nice. Then, before I could even move to make my phone call, another song came on, equally as engaging and feel-good.

After this second song, I walked to the car, listening to the third. I sat in the car, still listening, and decided to drive home. I continued to listen the entire way to what appeared to be a playlist made just for me.

No one was home when I arrived, so I relaxed on the sofa and continued listening. The "busy" piece of me wondered when this would end. But I knew that I couldn't recreate it, so I stayed. And sure enough, after exactly one hour of play, the music stopped. 

I walked around feeling slightly puzzled and mostly blessed. I figured that Tiron could solve it. I didn't want him to burst my bubble, but the scientific side of me wondered how this playlist might happen. He couldn't figure it out, and I haven't downloaded tunes since.

Until today. I really wanted to listen to music. But it wouldn't download, and my husband confirmed that none were there.

I feel like I got that little miracle when I need it, and the reminder when I needed it.

This is one of the many reasons that I believe in the power of prayer, and that simple miracles appear when we need them. I am still awe-struck by this, and, it makes me happy. And I want you to know that these kinds of things are possible.

Love to you,

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