Wednesday, May 20, 2009

After the PET CT

Thank you so much for the great vibes! I did the whole PET CT routine myself and I think I did okay! I kept picturing a friend in the chair next to me, and that made me smile. But I'm glad you weren't there. Though the official line on the radiation I got is that it is okay to be around the general public, the nurse, unprompted, told me that her off-the-record opinion is that I should stay away from people as much as possible for 20 hours. So I am.

Because I am a hard stick, I arrived early to get an IV nurse. She did this really cool thing to try and find a vein -- instead of the rubber tourniquet, they used a blood pressure cuff and found a vein, in my arm, that I don't think anyone's stuck before. And did it, first try. That nurse was awesome.

The radioactive stuff that they injected into my veins came in this metal case with extra padding inside to protect whomever is carrying it. Lovely thought. No wonder my veins rebel. They probably wonder what toxic chemical is coming next.

The people were really nice, and the test went smoothly.

After the whole thing, I went to Whole Foods to get big bottles of water and some organic greens to balance out the whole experience.

Results are in on Friday! We are visualizing randomly fluctuating cea levels for no apparent reason.

Love to you all,

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