Monday, January 12, 2009

Ms Radiation

My periodontist requested a full mouth x-ray. Just a routine thing -- they like to have new ones done every three to five years.

So I called the dentist's office to schedule it. The conversation went something like this:
"You don't need to make an appointment. You can come in anytime tomorrow," they said.
"No problem. I have a CT scan in the morning, but I can come in the afternoon. Just drop by anytime?"

Why on earth I mentioned the CT scan, who knows. Why would they care? But good thing, because the response was,
"Oh, we don't like to give you too much radiation in one day."

Yikes. I hadn't thought about that. Well, I did, but chose to ignore it, filing under the necessity of modern living.

"Okay....hmmm..." I looked at my calendar. I now wanted some distance between those two appointments. "How about early February?"

"Sure. February 5th?"
"Oh....I have a mammogram that day." What am I, Ms Radiation these days? This is kind of scary.
I think a bit then say, "This isn't urgent. Let's just do it in March. I'll give you a call."

Wow. Between all these tests, I'll be radiated from my pelvis up. Would it be called a "healthy glow"?

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