Friday, September 9, 2011

Surgery cancelled

Thank you for changing your plans and making room to help us. I am so touched and grateful for your generous heart. I didn't realize that help could come in so many forms, and in so many ways.

Before you go too far, I need to tell you that the surgery was cancelled as of tonight. Thursday's PET CT revealed two new tumors, one of which is outside the surgical area. It doesn't make sense for me to go through this surgery if we aren't going to get all of it.

There was alot of swirl here tonight, but I am very grateful to my MGH surgeon and my UMass surgeon, both of whom took their time on a Friday night to go over all this with me.

We will decide on Monday what to do next. 

Thanks for riding this roller coaster with us. I'm feeling okay - a little stunned, but basically like this surgery wasn't really meant to be. And I'm glad that we found these tumors before I got cut open. The kids have absorbed the stress of all the sudden phone calls and medical conversations, so we are managing that.

If you are still focused on Sept 16, please send your prayers and good vibes to my soul sister, Shira, who will be embarking on her treatment that day. She is headed for China to do a really cool treatment that they do here in the US, but not on our kind of tumor. They are doing these treatments in China (as well as the UK and many other countries) with good results. I'm cheering her on and hope you can, too.

More to follow. Thank you for staying tuned!


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