Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good news from MRI: New spot in liver is not cancerous

More good news....I had an MRI the other week to check out the new spot on my liver, and everything is fine.

So, we went on vacation. It was awesome. This was a secret to me: Provincetown is incredibly kid- and dog-friendly! So the kids had fun, the dog is finally relaxing a bit (Kenobi is very connected to me and to the kids, but typically shies away from anyone else), and we got to see friends in Ptown, in Truro and on Nantucket. A fantastic break from the norm, and my last chemo session feels like ages ago. I love that!

I remain so grateful for your support, as well as for the stories you share about others who have walked this road in various ways and healed.

A few weeks ago, Julian (newly 4) and I joined some friends at a swimming pool. Julian swam in the shallower end, Young Mr. R (our friends' son, who is 8) swam in the deep end, and I got to visit with my friends. After a bit, Julian got out of the pool, wrapped himself in a towel, and rested on a chair.

Soon, Young Mr. R called from the diving board, so we could see his dive. And a fine dive it was!

Julian is a good swimmer. He has been swimming since he was quite small, and is used to people making a fuss over what a good swimmer he is. So, he generally feels like a big fish and that there isn't alot of swimming left to learn.

But the diving board! It was the first time he's seen a diving board, as well as someone dive off it. A whole new world of swimming opened up to him, and he ran with excitement toward the board to try the same thing.

That is how I feel. I think that I am doing well, but then, I see or learn about someone else doing better, or someone who once was doing chemo and now lives a normal life, or someone who had a medical condition that invaded their lives and now doesn't need the hospital staff....that opens my eyes to new possibilities, higher paths, and the fact that these are even possible.

I am grateful for your stories, not just about health, but in every realm, because they help me (and I'm sure others) learn and grow and expand my world.

And again, thank you for your good wishes for chemo this week!


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