Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good news from PET CT

Writing this before I get hooked up for chemo....

Thank you so much for your good thoughts and prayers! I JUST got the results of my PET CT and they are good -- yay!

What exactly does that mean?
Well, we know there was tumor left behind in the surgery, but if it is still there, it isn't big enough to show on PET CT. That is a big relief.
There is a new spot on my liver, but it doesn't appear to have the same characteristics that my tumors typically have, so they recommend a follow-up MRI but aren't too worried about it. Again, whew. Okay, not total relaxation, but could be worse, so I'll take it.

My type of cancer also shows up in the CEA levels in my blood, so I get that tested every month. Last time, it was 6.4. Normal is below 2.5. So, there is still stuff in there, but at least it is smaller than it was. I asked them to test it again today. I won't get the results of that until either next week or next chemo. They don't like to give these results over the phone, but many of the folks here will tell me, kindly knowing it is more anxiety-producing for me to wait.

All good things.

Thank you for keeping me company on this journey, and for being there to share this news.

Lots of love,

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