Monday, February 22, 2010

Healing well and chemo soon

Thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts. I am healing amazingly well from my most recent surgery, and I got the staples removed today. Yay! I even walked to Harvard Square and back, a total distance of about 2 miles.

The good news is that they got all the "big" tumor out, with clean margins. Whew. The not great news is that there are more tumor cells in there. Some are attached, some are floating around.

Which up is chemo.

It was clear that I would need to do chemo anyway, but I was kind of hoping that there would be no sign of disease remaining. Oh well.

So.....given how powerful all your prayers and good intentions were for the surgery, I wonder if I can ask you for another round?The doctors need to decide which chemo to use. There are a few options, and I would love it if they picked the right one the first time around. (Obviously, the chemo I did two years ago didn't quite do the trick!)

Thank you for your prayers and good intentions on our behalf!!!! You can be sure that I am sending good vibes back to you.

With love,

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