Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Chemo today -- NOT

Hello and Happy New Year!

Thank you for your good wishes for my New Year's chemo today. There were interminable waits at the hospital, but it was a really good day, and I got to visit with lots of friends.

But the chemo itself didn't happen. Felt a bit like a snow day -- fun, but I know that I have to make up for it before the end.

Turns out that my white blood cell count was too low, so I will get some shots to bring it up, and hopefully it will be high enough next week to get chemo. I can't believe I actually WANT to get chemo, but I do want it to do its thing so I can move on with life.

This also buys me a trip to the hematologist, to figure out why the count is already so low.

One of the things I find most -- hmmm --- interesting? -- about all this is -- you take one medication, which then has side effects, so you take another for the side effects. But, nothing is for free, right? So, THAT has side you take another medication... and so on. Strange for me; before this, food was truly my only form of medicine.

I like this explanation that the nurse gave me: They give the highest dose of chemo that they think you can tolerate. But it isn't one size fits all, so this is part of tailoring what the right dose is.

And, I feel really good, which makes day-to-day life more fun, of course.

Managing all this uncertainty with the kids is tricky but going okay. We are all learning as we go.

Thank you again for your support. It really makes a huge difference and means the world.

Next chemo is now scheduled for next Tuesday.

Whether you are near or far, your prayers and positive energy are making such a difference, and that is most appreciated moment-by-moment. Thank you!

Ciao for now,

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