Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Grace and Compassion

Hi guys,

Okay, put a question out to the Universe....watch out for the answer!

I was wondering why I felt such intense compassion when I am in more sorrow, rather than in everyday life.

Today, I got this in my e-mail. I'm excerpting the relevant parts:

Another teaching of sadness is compassion for others who are in pain, because it is only in feeling our own pain that we can really understand and allow for someone else’s. Sadness is something we all go through, and we all learn from it and are deepened by its presence in our lives. While our own individual experiences of sadness carry with them unique lessons, the implications of what we learn are universal. The wisdom we gain from going through the process of feeling loss, heartbreak, or deep disappointment gives us access to the heart of humanity.

Even though this kind of serendipity happens all the time, I am constantly amazed.



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